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AUTHOR: The Caravel team

Text analytics can be difficult and time-consuming, but Caravel's new Classifier API makes it simple and straightforward.

With Caravel's Classifier API, bringing fast, accurate, and fine-grained conversational insights to your apps and platforms is easier than ever.

Our API not only removes a lot of the arduous work of building, managing, and tuning ML models but also work that requires data preprocessing. Our Classifier API automatically segments your text to provide topic-level, sentence-level, and document-level insights.

Further, you can take full advantage of Caravel's code-free tools to collect sample data (our Chrome plugin is pretty handy for this), sync real-time data sources, build and train Classifiers, and to get visibility into accuracy.

Here are just a few of the things you can do with our Classifier API today:

  • Get the sentiment score and value (very negative, negative, neutral, positive, or very positive) of any text.

  • Predict 27 different emotions like anger, confusion, frustration, and surprise

  • Aspect-based sentiment and emotion analysis with sentence-level segmentation

  • Integrate any of our pre-built models for use into your product

  • Leverage our UI to build and iterate on your own text classifiers in no time

  • Instantly deploy AI for scale – Caravel's AI infrastructure backs our Classifier API to handle production loads with high performance and reliability built-in.

  • Zero-shot classification (also known as inference)

  • Train Classifiers on your data with our user-friendly UI and use those Classifiers via the API

  • Bulk classify up to 50 text documents at once

The Classifier API is currently in beta, and certain bulk classification and rate limits apply. If you need more access, please contact our team.

View our API docs to get started.

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