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New integrations for Front and Webhooks

AUTHOR: The Caravel team

As companies modernize their communication strategy with collaborative messaging platforms like Front, getting clear, actionable insight on the communication occurring within these platforms is more important than ever.

Starting today, you can turn conversational data in Front into actionable insights using Caravel. Additionally, we've added Webhooks as a new source type to Caravel. Using Webhooks, you can send any text-based data source to Caravel for analysis.

Sync Historical and Real-time Front Conversations

With the addition of our Front Connection, you can easily authenticate Caravel to sync Front conversations using the Front API. You have the optionality to sync historical and real-time Front conversations.

You can also configure Sources connected to your Front account in Caravel to filter on any property that is available via the Front API:


Use Caravel to Automatically Tag in Front

With this release we're also giving early access to a new automated action: Front tagging. With this automation you can use Caravel's AI to classify your conversations and automatically apply the proper tag to the conversations within Front. You will no longer have to sift through conversations and manually tagging them in Front to gain an understanding of recurring issues and topics.

61687bf496dbf459ca21bc6c_Automated Tagging.jpeg

Analyze any Data Source with Webhooks

Using Webhooks you can send any text data to Caravel for analysis. Send chats or responses from your platform, build conversational intelligence into your apps, or connect Caravel to your Zaps. When you create a new Webhook Source within Caravel, you're given a unique URL that you can send text to for instant AI analysis. You can send POST requests from any data source as JSON to Caravel. Once the data is analyzed within Caravel you can create reports or make API calls and forward to other webhooks and services using Automations.


And more....


  • Feature Requests prebuilt Classifier - Use this prebuilt and modify the labels to categorize requested features

  • Complaints prebuilt Classifier - Use this prebuilt and modify the labels to categorize customer complaints

  • 5 new prebuilt models you can use as conditions in custom classifiers: Freeze, Login, Feature Request, Customer Service, and Delivery


  • 4x performance improvement on Classification speed

  • Truncation of longer messages within Your Feed. Messages can be easily expanded by clicking the 'Show More' button

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